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Our core values

We want to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, employees and partners by driving innovation, working with the best partners and staying true to our Guiding Principles.


1. Build a Good Company. A fun place to work that fosters positive energy & personal growth.

2. People, Service & Profits. In that order.

3. An Exceptional User Experience is #1. Always decide in favor of what is best for the user experience and work backwards to the technology.

4. Obsessive Attention to Detail. Be accountable and take pride in our work. If you see something and do nothing, you just set a new standard.

5. Demand the Best. Of yourself, your team, our products & services and our partners.

6. Be Intelligent. Intelligent marketing over aggressive marketing.

7. Be Classy. Tasteful design, content & ads.

8. Be Transparent. Clear & transparent billing.

9. Be Respectful. Respect for our Users, Models, Producers, Employees and the Community.

10. Be Positive & Have Fun. Yes, things will get tough...but life is too short not to.

11. Give Back. The Company is, and always should be, a vehicle to GIVE.

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